Regionsmesterskap vår 2017

Region Vest are inviting first 4 teams in every age group to take part in Regionsmesterskapet, see attached file.  It will be 2 weekends with games in Haukelandhallen.

22-23. April will be games for  U-14 , U-16, and U19 age groups.  Arrangør  –  Ulriken Eagles.

20-21.Mai  second weekend of games for U-13, U15, and U17 age groups.  Arrangør will be decided and informed by end of this week.

Game schedule will be made after teams confirming their participation, please do that until 10.04.2017.  Traveling teams- let me know if you want to play both games in 1 day or use Saturday and Sunday.

Games will be played as Final 4 , number 1 place in seriespill plays against number 4 in semi-final. Same as 2nd  against 3rd team in tabelle.  Winners plays for gold medals, and teams who lost semi-final plays for bronze medals.  It will be selected All-Star team and MVP of tournament in each of groups, except U-13 boys and girls.

Teams are responsible for dommerhonorar , 50% each. Team who will be first in schedule, will be responsible for secretariat.

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